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Nearly every summer for the last 5 years my dad, brothers, and myself travel to the Tilus family homestead in Buffalo, South Dakota.  Sometimes the trip coincides with periodic family reunions, but most of the time it’s just because we love going out there.

When I got married dad made his case that this trip is mandatory for all of his boys and that wives should expect that at least once a year their men would leave them at home and travel to places where men do manly things. Out in Buffalo it’s all ATV’s on deck.

Derrick and Grant both riding Yamaha Banshee’s, Dad and I on 660R Yamaha Raptors.  All of which will top out at over 60mph and although they are usually called “big boy toys” the word toy should definitely not be taken literally.

We spend most of the days roaming the 1,000’s of miles owned by the family trust, climbing the hills, taking photographs, enjoying the “middle-of-no-where-ness.” We’ll hike through a couple of gulches and pull of a few hundred rounds of shotgun shells. This year grandpa is along which means that the visit to the old farm house is filled with stories of digging wells, carrying ice blocks from the lake, and shooting flies off the wall with a .22 rifle (always one of our favorites).

We leave tonight and will return Sunday night. I’ll admit, Kristin does worry.  Which is totally understandable.  The closest hospital is in Belle Fourch, at least an hour away, and when us four men get together anything can turn into a competition. But I know that as I’ve grown older I’ve gotten more cautious, and after flipping off of my ATV on memorial day with a subsequent month of recovering I will be sure to keep in mind that I’d rather not do that again.

When I return expect a slew of photos, videos, and stories. Till then take care!

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