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I apologize for any inconsistencies in the re-telling of this trip as I’m writing this all from memory.

After work on Wednesday I returned to our house here in Sioux Falls where my younger brother Derrick had been hanging out most of the day eating our food, doing his laundry and watching tv (after retrieving instructions on how to turn it on from Kristin). Together we loaded up my Explorer with garage sale item boxes and our gear for the weekend.  I quickly threw together items for the trip: boots, old jeans, old t-shirts, camera equipment, tooth brush, etc.  We rolled the Raptor onto the trailer, strapped it down, and headed for Watertown.

We arrived in Watertown around 9pm, unloaded and parked the SUV and awaited Dad and Grant in grandpa’s van.  Three hours, three episodes of dog the bounty hunter, and two pieces of cheesecake later they reached, and drove past the Mercie driveway. Derrick and I watched and laughed as Grant attempted to direct Dad in the van backwards with a 20′ trailer in the dark. Twenty min later we were loaded up and on the road.

Around 2am we met up with cousins Jacob and Justin at the Wal-Mart parking lot in Aberdeen, where I took over driving responsibilities from Dad. At approximately 8am we finally parked the van and unloaded at Tanya and David’s Ranch in Buffalo.

An hour later we had removed the quad’s from the trailer and took them out to visit “Uncle David” at the site he had chosen for his new home. After checking out his garden, watching a worker dig a septic hole in the prairie ground and drag racing on the the Cave Hills road (Derrick’s souped up Banshee won) grandpa offered to pay for our lunch at the only bar/restaurant in town.  I think it was called “number 3” (note to self – add a review to tripadviser). While waiting for our 6 orders of chicken strip baskets we taught Justin and Dad the intricacies of Blackjack. After finishing our food we all wandered the streets of Buffalo for awhile, checking out the grocery store, the post office, and looking into the windows of long since gone businesses. After about an hour Grandpa picked us up and brought us back out to the Cave Hills church cemetery where we visited the headstones of our ancestors.

Another quick stop out at Uncle David’s to take some pictures. We then returned to Tanya and David’s where many guns were presented by Dave and sent around. Assult rifles, sniper rifles, handguns, shot guns, and BB guns. I know he is the guy to seek out if any invasion ever occurs on U.S. soil, and I certainly pity any person who would ever think of attempting to enter their home uninvited.

After nearly 40 some hours with little to no sleep we called it an early night that night and fell asleep watching movies in the apartment around 10:30.

A great start to an awesome trip.

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I’ll add links to Grant and Derricks photos as they put them up.  I also have more items to upload and I know dad does, so I’ll include those links too.


Derrick’s photos on Facebook


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