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The final full day in Buffalo for the year. It’s always about this time that we really start to feel at home, and really start dreading the long drive east.

Saturday morning.  We were out pretty late the night before so everyone is a little slow waking up, but when we climb out of bed waffles are waiting.

Guns. There were lots of them around, so after filling our stomachs we grabbed them all and headed out to the range.

When we got back to the house we had brats for lunch and watched the epic film “Red Dawn”.

Following lunch we all followed Jacob’s lead out to a trial that lead up the walls of Casper’s Gulch. It was tough going, complicated by the chain of my raptor falling off 3 times on our way up. I spent half of the climb off my machine lifting quads over branches, rocks, or for Justin with his 4 inch clearance, almost everything. But it was an awesome trail, and the view from the top was great!

When we got to the top we had to figure out how to get back down, but when we asked grandpa if there was another way he told us that there was another road that lead out. He also said that he had not gone down that road in nearly 50 years…so of course we went that way. It did not disappoint! I can see why early settlers to this area used to come to Casper’s Gulch for community picnics after church.

After returning to the house we quickly cleaned up and drove to the 2nd closest restaurant to the house, about 20 miles away. When we showed up we instantly doubled the number of people inside the restaurant. We ordered drinks and were then informed that they did not have any water, but that they would have some soon. We hypothesized that someone must be out back pumping the well.

The meal was good, but we were there for almost 2 hours, so by the time we got back to the house it was already dark. This put a little hitch in our plan. We had wanted to climb Big Nemi Hill before going to bed, but we ‘ve never climbed hills in the dark. After a long 3 seconds we determined that it would be no problem.

It was really dark. We were wrong.

For over an hour we circled the hill looking for the trail. There are parts of the hill that protrude from the top as 2 stories tall rock walls, but it was so dark we could not distinguish them from the sky.

Finally we did find the trial, and I went ahead to check that it was clear. Somehow, somewhere, for some reason around this time Grant put his quad into a slow roll over trying to climb up onto the trail. He would later blame it on me. But he bailed and the quad was undamaged, so he eventually made it up to the top with the rest of us.

We spent the next hour on a 50’ cliff looking out on the ranch and the town of Buffalo, sitting under the stars and singing “Don’t Stop Believeing” in five part harmony. You had to be there.

Oddly, it only took 15 min to get back to the house once we left.  I guess those trails really are important!

When we did get back everyone was in their beds and out in 10 min.

4:45 am the next morning Dad and I woke up early to climb Nemi Big Hill to get some sun rise photos. It was a great end to a wonderful weekend. When we got back we packed up the van, said our goodbyes and headed home.

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