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130 – 14.

That’s 17 touchdowns in a 40 minute (running time) game. Almost a touchdown every two minutes.

This week Andy Rose showed up with a brand new pair of gloves  so sticky you could hear the sound of velcro being pulled every time the ball touched his hands.  There would be no excuse for dropped balls this week.

Siemonsma did throw a couple of picks as quarterback, as did Troy, and Rose, but on the night we averaged over 30 yards per completion. I even threw a corner ball to Rose for a two-point conversion.

Mike Stolp and Kyle Grace each had lenth of the field touchdown catches, and I had four interceptions for the game.

Everyone on the team scored, but the first points of the year allowed to the other team were given up by Andrew Siemonsma, who slipped and fell on a sure thing interception, allowing the other team to walk the ball into the endzone. It was also noted that Andy Rose had no drops and the gloves proved to be effective on a least one amazing one hand grab for a touchdown.

The highlight of the night came just before the start of the second-half with the score already 70 some to 8, Simmy turned to the other team and said, “you guys ready to get this over with?”

Wow Simmy, wow.

Looks like next week is our by week, so look for another update in two.