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This week we were matched up against a team who had decieded they were not going to take a loss, no matter what it took.

We took an early lead in the game when the real storyline started to take place.

Andy Rose had what we all considered a cheap shot delivered to him on a route up the middle. And from that play forward the physicality of the game escalated quickly.

On the ensuing defensive posession Brandon Tilus was playing the deep safety position when an oposing player attempted to run into him at a full sprint in order to pick off Tilus and open up his teammate; however, he must not have expected Tilus to be prepared for this collision, and when Tilus saw him coming he was ready.  He ended up “de-cleating” the opposing player attempting to screen him and from that point on the game became less Flag Football and more a Full Contact game.

On the next offensive possession Tilus caught a pass at the 20 yard-line and turned upfield headed for the endzone. An opposing player attempted to close on Tilus and looked like he might attempt to wrap him up rather than going for the flag, so Tilus prepared to take a hit on his way into the endzone. The resulting colision was rather minor, but on the extra point Tilus was blatantly thrown to the ground before getting back up and catching the extra point.

The physical game continued back and forth. We worked to shut down the opposing team on defense but had a referee who failed numerous times to countdown the throw clock (15 sec) for the quarterback, leaving our defensive backs to cover for at times 30 seconds a play, which made it very difficult to keep recieveres covered up.

With about 2 minutes left in the game the opposing team scored and gave them the lead. We retaliated with a couple of quick passes down the field and after another tackling penelty called on Tilus’ defender scored from the 5 yard line.

The opposing team turned around and marched down the field on a couple of questionable offensive push-offs and scored a touchdown with 1 second left to tie the game. We were then able to break up the pass for the extra point which left the game tied 77-77.

With one second left we ran one final play which ended with Simmy throwing the ball right into the face of one of his defenders. The game was called a tie for the night since it was far too dark to continue into overtime.

Apparently we have the option to continue the game next week before that weeks game…look for that update to come.